Penola based civil contractor specialising in locating underground services and exposing them safely using vacuum excavation.

What We Do

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Safely exposing your underground assets.

Trenching and Backfilling

Catering for all your trenching needs across power, water, communications and underground services.

Underground Service Locator

Identify what types of utility cables and pipes are beneath the surface of your property.

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Hydro Vacuum  Excavation

When it comes to your excavation needs, you may be considering a backhoe or other large excavation machinery. If not done carefully, this could cause extensive damage to your underground pipes or cables that you’ll have to pay for out of pocket to be fixed.

Hydro excavation is a safe, cost-effective and non-destructive method of digging for you. We work by using water at a very high pressure to break up the soil around your underground wires and pipes. This excess soil is then vacuumed up into our 950-litre spoil tank. After the project is completed, your worksite can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently saving you both time and money.

  • Safest excavation method
  • Reduces risk of injury on-site
  • A more accurate way to located utilities for maintenance and replacement
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional excavation
  • Prevent damage to underground services such as pipes, cables and power
  • Less dependency on weather conditions
  • Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas
hydro excavation non destuctive excavation

About our Expert Equipment

Our Vermeer hydro vacuum excavation unit is trailer-based and self-contained. With our 950-litre spoil tank and over 10-metre long vacuum hose we are able to provide you peace of mind that our excavation services are nondestructive.

We can be out of your hair in no time with our Isuzu MR tipper truck capable of carrying a 3-tonne payload with a 500kg ground to tray lift on the side. 

trench for water, power and communication

About our Expert Equipment

With our Bobcat zero turn 2-tonne excavator. We have all the equipment to cater to all your needs including our 300mm and 600mm digging buckets with a 900mm trim bucket and ripper Tyne.

For Auger holes and fittings we have an auger drive for 200mm to 600mm wide auger holes.

Trenching and Backfilling

Save yourself the time and hassles of trench digging. We cater for all your trenching needs across power, water, communications and underground services.

We go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional service and ensure your site clean up is done properly with our backfilling process. After excavation and the required work has been completed we use our skills and knowledge to backfill the soil into the trench and ensure loose material is compacted appropriately.

  • Electrical Cable Trenching and Installing underground communication cables

  • Trench digging for underground services

  • Plumbing Trenching including drainage, sewage trenches

  • Gas Line Trenching

  • Stormwater Trenching

  • Telecommunication Trenching including phone and internet

  • Foundation Trenching for concrete footings

Underground Service Locator

It could be an expensive mistake or put you in harm’s way if you hit underground cables or pipes when digging on your property. We know how important it for you to have peace of mind knowing what’s hiding beneath the surface of your property before digging. Save yourself time and money by contacting us to assist in locating your underground services such as power cables and metal pipes before you begin any work.

We use Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) to get plans of what is in the area before any mechanical excavation. 

Rest assured, at Lear Excavation, we will help you organise underground services location for your peace of mind.

underground service locator

Recent Projects

hydro vacuum excavation

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Hydro vacuum excavation was used at a local Coonawarra winery to safely dig and prevent damage to underground services in a shared trench. This allowed a leaking water pipe to be found and repaired.

trench for water, power and communication


Our Bobcat 2 tonne excavator was used at a local Coonawarra winery to trench a 600mm deep trench for both power and air lines from one shed to another. This was then back filled and compacted to complete the project.

Auger Holes

With the Digga auger drive on our 2-tonne Bobcat excavator, we used the 600mm wide auger to drill holes on a rural property in preparation for the planting of new fruit trees.


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